Cultdestroyer here.

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Re: Cultdestroyer here.

#21  Postby Arcanyn » Aug 07, 2018 7:45 am

Is it necessary to follow a cult for you to destroy it for me? Because there are some really annoying people who like to knock on my door every now and then, and give me long lectures on all the things their god likes and doesn't like. So if you could just get them to disband for me, that would be great.
Power doesn't corrupt, it reveals. Only when someone is free from constraints and consequences do they show their true character.

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Re: Cultdestroyer here.

#22  Postby BlackBart » Aug 07, 2018 8:17 am

I don't like The Cult. In fact, I don't like any goth bands.
You don't crucify people! Not on Good Friday! - Harold Shand
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Re: Cultdestroyer here.

#23  Postby Spinozasgalt » Aug 07, 2018 9:18 am

Shoulda made my username Spinozascult.
When the straight and narrow gets a little too straight, roll up the joint.
Or don't. Just follow your arrow wherever it points.

Kacey Musgraves
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Re: Cultdestroyer here.

#24  Postby Cito di Pense » Aug 07, 2018 1:48 pm

Spinozasgalt wrote:Shoulda made my username Spinozascult.

thank your lucky stars it's not up to me:

Spinodal decomposition then occurs when the mixture is such that there is essentially no barrier to nucleation of the new oil-rich and water-rich phases.

I'm only citing this because it seems we are above the critical temperature for nucleating a cultdestroyer phase. Not to mention, a cuntdestroyer phase. The guy came in like a BSD and went out like a limp rag, after sowing the seeds of discontent.
Хлопнут без некролога. -- Серге́й Па́влович Королёв

Translation by Elbert Hubbard: Do not take life too seriously. You're not going to get out of it alive.
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Re: Cultdestroyer here.

#25  Postby Fallible » Aug 07, 2018 5:17 pm

John Grant wrote:They say 'let go, let go, let go, you must learn to let go'.
If I hear that fucking phrase again, this baby's gonna blow
Into a million itsy bitsy tiny pieces, don't you know,
Just like my favourite scene in Scanners .
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