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Re: Viocjit the Agnostic

#21  Postby viocjit » Oct 06, 2016 7:30 pm

Macdoc wrote:Yeah there are ....just reading Operation Mincemeat ( the actual story behind The Man Who Never Was ). There were just incredible conspiracies in WWII and in the Cold War that followed a few of which altered history.

But sorting out the real from the smoke screens from the totally looney can be a challenge. Best to avoid the nonsense entirely and wait for the archives to open 50 years on. ( Body Guard of Lies for instance about Magic and Ultra )>

I know already the existence of this operation that happened during WWII. I don't know details like the names of people involved but I know it was difficult to find a corpse because it was necessary to take the corpse of a dead man with no family ties to avoid suspicions without forget medical reasons like rigor mortis.

For those who did never read , watch , listen , hear anything about this story :

Bernoulli wrote:Keep in mind there are still conspiracies out there. It's just a matter of separating the credible from the nutty.

Yes , there are still conspiracies out there but few people know about true conspiracies of our time. Conspiracy theory , think about the second world. The second world is theory and the meaning of this word in this context means there are no evidence(s) about it. Also , the majority of conspiracy theories are easy to debunk.

Example of a fictive conspiracy of our time that can be true :
In a third world country. Someone who is working in the military force is conspirating with others people (Members of government , members in military force , polices officers etc...) to take over his / her country with a coup d'état.
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Re: Viocjit the Agnostic

#22  Postby NamelessFaceless » Oct 06, 2016 7:56 pm

Welcome back! :cheers:
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