Police Brutality costing YOU billions

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Police Brutality costing YOU billions

#1  Postby Teague » Jul 17, 2017 2:14 pm

If you aren’t outraged by these injustices already, chances are there isn’t much else that’s going to set you over the edge, short of a massacre of children or an accidental no-knock raid on your home that kills your own dog or maims your own child.

If you cannot be bothered to care about the physical, emotional, and inhumane trauma inflicted upon your fellow citizens, maybe you will find motivation to care in the cold, calculable numbers. Not of lost life, but that police departments inflict upon the taxpayer—not in human dignity, abuse or surrender of freedom—but in dollars.

The city of Los Angeles just spent $1.5 million on a single case of a California Highway Patrol officer beating a woman senseless at a traffic stop. San Diego paid $5.9 million to compensate for sexual assault against multiple women by one officer. A city southwest of Tucson spent $3.4 million to cover a deadly 2011 SWAT raid. Boston settled a single case of brutality for $1.4 million that left a man with permanent brain injury and Scottsdale, Arizona paid $4.25 million for the fatal shooting of an unarmed man.

Viewed as city totals, the numbers are even more staggering. The city of Baltimore has paid $5.7 million dollars in settlements and an additional $5.8 million in legal fees for police brutality. This is trivial compared to other cities. Minneapolis has paid $21 million since 2003. Oakland paid $74 million from 1990 to present and Los Angeles shelled out $54 million in 2011 alone. Chicago paid $521 million over the last decade, with $84.6 million in 2013 (including court and legal fees).

As costly to tax payers around the country as these vicious city police forces can be, nothing compares to the most notorious brutalizer of all: the New York Police Department. New York City spent nearly a billion dollars–$964 million—from 2000 to 2010 (to be fair, including instances like cop car wrecks) and in 2012 alone spent $765 million dollars. The figure does include hospital negligence and property damage in addition to police abuse, but all around demonstrates the inability of government to adequately serve its people. The New York figure is expected to reach $815 million by 2016.

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