1986 brazilian UFOs widely covered in the media

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1986 brazilian UFOs widely covered in the media

#1  Postby iLogical » Mar 10, 2013 5:58 pm

So I recently wrote this topic, yes I am the author, on reddit:

I guess this may indicate classified superior manned or unmanned aircraft, or not?

There is this widely watched show on brazilian tv called Fantastico, you can watch this single excerpt of the concerning show here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1inF8zkTbg , it has aired on sunday night for decades. In one of these shows back in 86 they covered a press conference the air force gave for the brazilian media with wide coverage, including the minister of aeronautics describing the overall episode and responding reporters' questions. Years after they released official documents made by the air force about the incident. You can get the documents here http://www.fenomenum.com.br/ufo/governo ... 7_1986.pdf . So the documents and press conference describe lights seen by multiple pilots that were confirmed by radar on various occasions, by both ground radars and airborne radars. Those lights were described sometimes to be maneuvering and going from subsonic to supersonic speeds, to maneuver to avoid the observers. Some of those chased, and were chased by fighter jets scrambled for recoinassence. The minister said they couldn't identify it and they didn't know what those were. Hardly hallucinations would affect ground and airborne radars at the same time time. Civilian pilots also confirmed seeing those lights, there's also ground visual reports.

I would think those are probably earthly manned or unmanned crafts, what do you people think?

I will try to translate here some of the "FINAL CONSIDERATIONS" of the document report pages 53 and 54:


1- It's the conclusion of this Command that according to the information of controllers, pilots and reports previously elaborated by I CINDACTA that some points are coincident in relation to radar echos(I guess it means radar blip), acceleration, illumination, speed and behaviour, both by the technical detection such as visualizations made.

2- Some which we can refer to are phenomena which present constant characteristics:

a- They produce radar echos not only in the Air Defence System but also of the intereceptor aircraft simultaneously with visual comparison by pilots.

b- They vary their speeds from the subsonic gama up to supersonic, as well as maintaining vôo pairado.

c- They vary their altitudes below of FL-050 up to superior to FL-400.

d- Sometimes they were visualized because of lights of the colors white, green and red, other times they don't have luminous indication

e- They have the capacity to accelerate abruptly.

f- Capacity of making ... (couldn't translate that)

3- With conclusion of the constantly observed fact in almost all the presentation, it's the conclusion of this Command, that the phenomena are solid and reflect in certain way intelligent form, by the capacity of following and mantaining distance from the observers also as flying in formation, not forcefuly manned.

4- bla bla bla we were so good at dealing with all this praise our effectiveness

Any pilots to comment on those technical aviation terms? Thanks.
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Re: 1986 brazilian UFOs widely covered in the media

#2  Postby chairman bill » Mar 10, 2013 6:26 pm

Yeah, or not [/thread]
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