Black-triangle UFO's

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Black-triangle UFO's

#1  Postby lpetrich » Jun 27, 2015 5:19 pm

Since the 1980's, a new kind of UFO has shown up, at least according to some UFOlogy sites. The black triangle. I must say that I'm rather happy to see an alternative to the "flying saucer" meme, since black triangles seem much more like a real airplane design. There are have been various attempts to build disk-shaped airplanes, none of them very successful. If one wants to get through an atmosphere fast, then it's best to be shaped like a typical Earthling airplane.

It seems to me like a various sorts of stealth airplanes. The color and the shape fit very well, and their date of appearance is also a good fit. These include the rumored Aurora (aircraft). I wouldn't be surprised if the airplanes' developers assess their airplanes' appearance by checking on UFO reports. One may even say that these airplanes are UFO's in the literal sense of the term: unidentified flying objects.

I've seen some black-triangle UFO reports that feature the UFO hovering. That is not a good argument against the airplane hypothesis, since an airplane will seem to do that if it travels toward or away from an observer.

Donald Menzel once stated that the USAF questionnaire on UFO's ought to have included "Why do you think that it is not this or that natural phenomenon?" ("UFO's: A Scientific Debate"). He had in mind someone claiming that some object could not be a meteor because it had traveled overhead. As he noted, that is a line-of-sight effect. Like seemingly hovering airplanes.
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