Dolphins & Teleportation Symposium

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Dolphins & Teleportation Symposium

#1  Postby IIzO » Nov 27, 2010 8:00 pm

Seen from the Blog of PZ Myers
I recently had the immense pleasure of meeting 3 people who happen to be friends with each other, and are on the cutting edge of interspatial technologies regarding our abilities to travel in time. Because the dolphins have demonstrated this fascinating ability with me, I have a natural desire to learn more about it. The dolphins that I befriended 22 years ago have the capacity to swim alongside us for hours and in that tranquil, trance-like state, entrain our mind into Oneness with them. At that point we can experience their world. The dolphins have taken me time traveling into the future and they have shape-shifted with me, allowing me to experience their multidimensional reality of great Joy and Harmony. Through these experiences I have learned that humans have what it takes to enjoy this transdimensional world when we are daring enough to go there and explore it.

:crazy: ....
Between what i think , what i want to say ,what i believe i say ,what i say , what you want to hear , what you hear ,what you understand...there are lots of possibilities that we might have some problem communicating.But let's try anyway.
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Re: Dolphins & Teleportation Symposium

#2  Postby GeneticJen » Nov 27, 2010 8:09 pm

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Re: Dolphins & Teleportation Symposium

#3  Postby Rachel Bronwyn » Nov 27, 2010 9:29 pm

That's pretty much my dream for captive cetaceans: that they all take off on their own one day by their own volition, thinking "Man, you people are stupid."

Contrary to what SeaWorld tells you, those summersaults they have their bottlenoses perform are not "natural behaviours". They're tricks the animals are taught and trained to perform. They're not demonstrations of the behaviour of wild dolphins for the audience's educational benefit. They're also very stressful to the dolphins' bodies.

But yes, there are a lot of tools out there who insist dolphins are not only intellectually superior to us but that they have supernatural capabilities which they desire to share with humans. Being around this type of person is quite embarrassing. I imagine some dolphins are even uncomfortable around people who behave so strangely towards them. They make the anti-captivity movement look like a bunch of retards.

Dolphins can TOTALLY cure autism though.
what a terrible image
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