List 3 Coincidences You Know Of (For Debunking?)

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Re: List 3 Coincidences You Know Of (For Debunking?)

#101  Postby pelfdaddy » Jul 08, 2016 6:56 pm

When youngsters in this country (US) are precocious, or clever, or bright, the people around them often say, "One day that kid is going to grow up to be President of the United States." It has happened in millions of cases.

In roughly thirty-some of those millions of cases, the individual did in fact get elected President of the US. (I am not counting the first several presidents, since the office was not necessarily a source of aspiration in the early days.)

Pick up a biography of any President at random, and you will find that someone (grandmother, aunt, uncle) "prophesied", at an early age, that this person would be president. The prophecy is included in the biography as though it were amazing.
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