Psychis and a Russian Plane

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Psychis and a Russian Plane

#1  Postby stijndeloose » Jul 19, 2012 6:31 pm

From here:

Mystery of the Russian plane carrying 13 people which vanished without trace a month ago

A plane carrying 13 passengers has been missing for a month after taking off from the Ural mountains in Russia.

Rescue teams have scoured the area but have been unable to find a trace of the AN-2 biplane, which set out without permission from a regional airport in Serov, near Yekaterinburg.

And then:

Psychics intrigued by the new mystery have rushed to offer their help in locating the plane, but Mr Zalensky said their efforts were in vain.

he said: 'If I marked on a map every point suggested by a psychic and joined them up I would have a flower 500km across.'

Well, what do you know? :rofl:
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