Soul-searching FAIL; Losing all money WIN

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Soul-searching FAIL; Losing all money WIN

#1  Postby DoctorE » May 08, 2010 3:31 pm

Portland man accuses Hawthorne psychic of defrauding him of $150,000 including cash, Rolexes and a Hummer
Drakar Druella was struggling with wrenching emotional problems last October when he walked into the Hawthorne Psychic Shop in Southeast Portland for a palm reading and met Cathy Stevens.

Over the next seven weeks he would give the psychic $150,000 in cash and gifts so she could rid him of his "negative energy" and heal him. Druella says the 39-year-old woman was so convincing, he didn't realize he was being scammed until he heard Stevens launch into the same story with another client.

"That's when it all went 'click, click, click,' " said Druella, 42, who called police in November and is now filing for personal bankruptcy. "The people she was taking advantage of were so vulnerable and in so much emotional pain."
drakar druella Bruce Ely/The OregonianDrakar Druella, 42, a bookkeeper and office manager for a downtown Portland firm, says he was soul-searching when he walked into the Hawthorne Psychic’s storefront in Southeast Portland last October to get his palm read. Convinced the psychic was going to rid him of his demons, he paid her up to $150,000 in cash and gifts, not realizing it was a scam, he says. Though embarassed, he called police. “The impact she has had on my life was utterly devastating,’’ Druella said. “I wish I could warn everybody.”
Portland police in January raided both the psychic shop and Stevens' residence on Northeast Weidler Street, rented from former Police Chief Ron Still to investigators' surprise. Police arrested Stevens on aggravated theft allegations. The charges were dropped, pending more investigation.

Since then, Detective Andy Madden has identified three other victims, and is continuing to investigate what appears to be a fraud conspiracy, deputy City Attorney Ellen Osoinach said in Multnomah County Circuit Court this week.

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