'Spiritual cleanser' charged with nine sexual abuse crimes

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'Spiritual cleanser' charged with nine sexual abuse crimes

#1  Postby DoctorE » Apr 13, 2010 10:16 am

The catholic church has some competition


A man accused of sexually abusing two boys during a "spiritually cleansing" faces nine first-degree felony charges.

In court documents filed Monday, police wrote that Jose David Morales-Hernandez, 22, performed the "cleansing" March 24, 25 and 26 at the boys' South Salt Lake home.

Police have said Morales-Hernandez dressed as a woman and called himself "Nicole Morales." He claimed on his business card to be "The Divine Master" and a Mayan priestess. He is homeless.

Before the ceremony, Morales-Hernandez had the woman and her two young boys strip down to their underwear, police have said.

The boys said he took them separately into their own rooms, turned off the lights, locked the door, massaged them and sexually abused them, police wrote.

Their mother said the boys acted "different" after each session, the charges state.

The mother called police after the 12-year-old told her about the abuse. The 13-year-old told police that Morales-Hernandez did "unpleasant, wrong, uncomfortable and weird" things to him, the charges state.

Morales-Hernandez allegedly admitted to the massages, but denied any sexual acts.

He was charged with four counts of sodomy upon a child and five counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, all first-degree felonies.
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Re: 'Spiritual cleanser' charged with nine sexual abuse crim

#2  Postby Onyx8 » Apr 13, 2010 10:19 am

The guy shoulda bin a RC, he'd be somewhere else by now.

Amazing how the system works when it doesn't have this religious millstone around its neck.
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