Self-evidence (main q)

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Re: Self-evidence (main q)

#921  Postby Lobar » Jun 05, 2012 8:53 pm

asdfjkl wrote:[*]OK, this is the root of my problem, and the reason why I'm worried about the whole "evident" thing.
Things that are evident (you and your perceptions) irrefutably exist. We've discussed this and came to this consensus. An example here: you see a white rectangle. The image of the rectangle is directly perceived by you (you can see it) and it clearly exists, in other words it's THERE. Now take something like an "external reality". You can't see it, you can't sense it, it doesn't clearly exist, in other words it's NOT THERE. This leads to: only the things that are evident (you have direct access to) are THERE. Everything else clearly does not clearly exist. This is what really scares me, and I've had this issue for 3-4 months now.

Maybe you're listening from the nether realms asdfjkl, so I'll still respond.

to this: "You can't see it, you can't sense it, it doesn't clearly exist, in other words it's NOT THERE."

You've got this all higgledy piggledy. No one is saying you can't sense the external world. You're just not sure that you are really sensing it. So the certain perceptions you have are not certain to be self existing. They could very well be caused by the external world. And it seems that way. Hence the only real answer is that it seems like there's an external world, so I'll accept it as it is.

There's your problem solved.

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" - Socrates
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