New record for largest object interference

Molecule with 2000 atoms interferes with itself

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New record for largest object interference

#1  Postby newolder » Sep 25, 2019 6:51 pm

Even Huge Molecules Follow the Quantum World's Bizarre Rules

A record-breaking experiment shows an enormous molecule is also both a particle and a wave—and that quantum effects don't only apply at tiny scales.

Now, Arndt and his team have circumvented those challenges and observed quantum wave-like properties in the largest objects to date—molecules composed of 2,000 atoms, the size of some proteins. The size of these molecules beats the previous record by two and a half times. To see this, they injected the molecules into a 5-meter-long tube. When the particles hit a target at the end, they didn’t just land as randomly scattered points. Instead, they formed an interference pattern, a striped pattern of dark and light stripes that suggests waves colliding and combining with each other. They published the work today in Nature Physics.

More @ wired link
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