Nobel for Chirped Pulse Laser tech. advances.

Power and pulses give greatly enhanced tools.

Study matter and its motion through spacetime...

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Nobel for Chirped Pulse Laser tech. advances.

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For something more than current mainstream headlines, one can do worse than read this blogpost by Professor Jeremy Allam, University of Surrey: ... bel-prize/
You might have seen yesterday’s announcement of the 2018 Nobel Prize for Physics. Here’s my attempt to explain the work of two of the recipients, with a bit more detail than most of the press releases – but hopefully not too much physics jargon.

Why were Donna Strickland and Gerard Mourou Awarded the Nobel Prize?

In 1985 they invented the technique of “chirped pulse amplification” (CPA) which made it possible to generate laser light pulses of extremely high intensity and extremely short duration.

... more @ link above.
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