Variation on the Many Worlds Interpretation

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Variation on the Many Worlds Interpretation

#1  Postby Jehannum » Sep 08, 2011 11:20 am

According to most explanations of the MWI, a quantum event causes the universe to split according to its outcomes. This model takes place within time; we have cause and effect and the arrow of time (single universe -> more universes).

Could this idea be taken out of time, i.e. could it be that since every possibility is deterministic, all possible universes exist ("at once", although the implication of time in this phrase is not necessary), not splitting or moving through time.

In fact, there need not be any connection between universes at all. They are all discrete, independent entities. What we think of as cause and effect could be only the appearance of cause and effect, i.e. those universes that look like they've followed a path of existence DO exist and would be indistinguishable from universe produced by a serial cause-effect process.

In this case what we think of as our memories would be an illusion, a pattern of brain states. We would exist only within a frozen moment, with our entire personal history of conscious thought and free will an illusion.

What other consequences would there be were this idea true?
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Re: Variation on the Many Worlds Interpretation

#2  Postby twistor59 » Sep 11, 2011 7:36 am

There has been a lot of speculation along the lines of "the fundamental theory itself should be timeless, and time (& space) should somehow emerge from the theory".

To while away a dull hour or two, it may be fun to read some of the essays on this stuff that were submitted to the fxqi contest. Keep in mind that much of this is speculative, not universally accepted physics and sometimes strays over into philosophy.
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