Why is Maxwell’s Theory so hard

to understand?

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Re: Why is Maxwell’s Theory so hard

#21  Postby zoon » Jan 06, 2019 7:49 pm

Evolving wrote:
newolder wrote:
Evolving wrote:
newolder wrote:An essay (5 pages-ish) by Prof. Freeman Dyson on the reticence of Maxwell and the similarity to the later development of quantum mechanics.

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That link won't open for me. Is it because I'm not user tong?

EDIT: I've searched the DAMTP website and on this page


the Dyson Maxwell article is listed. Can't open it there either, though. Maybe it's me.

I missed this one - apologies. I have no idea why a link to a pdf won't open for you. What browser are you using? Does it require a pdf reader plug-in that you may not have installed? :scratch:

How do you normally access pdfs in the arXivs?

I don't know why it wouldn't open. I was trying on my work PC. I'll try on my personal Mac later, but my daughter is using it with the Just Dance app!

There's another webpage with the same essay here, though it's another pdf. It's on the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation website. The other two links are both to the same page on the Cambridge University website, and the page on Professor Tong's section of the website which that page originally linked back to seems to have been superseded.
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