Posted: Mar 31, 2010 10:43 am
by rainbow
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That is a good bet and there are clues as to what it is. The key is self-organization being an inherent property of all matter. The problem is the sheer choice. There won't be one magic reaction or set of chemicals but a long chain of reactions, with different chemicals, reactions and most importantly without any pre-planned direction that it will take.

What clues?
Was it RNA, DNA, polypeptides, a vesicle based on fatty acids?
A metabolic cycle perhaps?
Pray tell.

We are not looking for one magic reaction, but a simple replicator. Something that can evolve into something more complex.

Well it's the "evolve into something more complex" that is the gotcha isn't it ?.

If we measure complexity as simply a molecular weight then clearly polymers get more "complex".

...which would be wrong.
If we measure complex as the steps in a chain then is something like Glycolysis is more complex than each step.

I'm not sure what you're saying here.

How do you measure complex ?

Admittedly a difficult one, complexity is difficult to define, and understand.
There is an example that invokes design, but I'll avoid that as it will most likely invoke mass hysteria. I won't.