Posted: Mar 31, 2010 11:55 am
by byofrcs
Yeah, well I don't like that definition of complexity (The Blind Watchmaker and then argued in TGD and then possibly, necessarily, criticised by Plantinga).

It just feels like something is missing because I think chance is a two-edged sword that can both cause and erase (un-cause ?) and I think that what is left after this annealing is what exists (else it would be like those isotopes that last for a split second and fission to something else).

It's like when you use Monte-Carlo to discover a problem landscape - a nice example is using Buffon's needle to estimate pi. I think we shouldn't avoid the word "chance" as I think the memoryless nature of stochastic processes are the driving forces in reality but the trick to existing is not getting erased by these same processes.