Posted: Apr 03, 2010 10:04 am
by Darwinsbulldog
rainbow wrote:
Better replicators, like RNA would have totally replaced any simpler precursors, and since we are talking about events that happened over 3.8 billion years ago, much, if not all information could be lost.

Invisible Pink Unicorns might also exist, but we have no way of knowing either, do we?

No, that is true, we do not. But extrapolating back in time to a theoretical precursor of RNA, while a little speculative, is rather different from speculating a character out of a children's story book into reality. :) Perhaps if you find this discussion a little too difficult, then you should visit a children's library, fiction section.

No humans have seen the life-cycle of a single star. We see stars in all 'stages" of development, from gas clouds to brown dwarfs, neutron stars, etc. While such theories can be questioned, as all scientific theories can, you are welcome to present your own theory, and be attacked in turn. In science however, we look at the evidence for and against, and the reasoning involved. Erecting straw man arguments is not the general custom.