Posted: Apr 05, 2012 8:56 pm
by campermon
jmdraft wrote:I’m not sure what it does which is why I’m messing with it.
I like, and will try, the alcohol idea.
Earlier today, I got a 40 degree difference between the outside and inside temp.
The little room behind my mountain house is underground and stays between 50 to 60 degrees in summer. Last year, I put ice trays in one of the little Coleman coolers (its supposed to cool 40 below ambient) and it made ice. The evaporative part of this thing is not happening yet (its empty); just the fan. I just checked it; the inside is 78 and the outside is 117……….so who knows.
Tomorrow, I’m going to start putting stuff in the walls to see what the evaporative part does.


Cool house! There is another poster here who's off grid, but I can't remember their name!!! (it'll come back to me).

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