Posted: Apr 06, 2012 10:43 am
by turnerj41
dont use salts... they work by freezing point depression. The cooler might work, but I think Zeer Pots are not insulated ( except for a damp covering over the inner chamber) . I think it isimportant to not to use just water or alcohol liquid without saturating something that doesnt dissolve; I am thinking that is because you disperse the molecules and avoid excesssive hydrogen bonding, and also the solid that doesnt dissolve will also be a good conductor of heat from the inner surface to the evaporative surface, but depending on your fan and the rate you are evaporating this may not be as important. since you say you have a cellar you might want to have some deesicant down there too since humidity is not kind to evaporation ( if youput the dessicant in the water it will cool quickly, but it has a capacity). It is probably better to get out of the cellar completely but I am not sure, and I think it depends on the temperature and humidity outside versus what it is down there... I do think you will want a shade if you put it outside. I am also not sure on what the optimum temp of the water should be if you have a choice, but I am guessing you wont have much of a choice. I am also contemplating some other things like: the best shape ( we want most evaporative surface area per unit volume coupled with most outer chamber contact with the wind to keep the whole two pot sytem cooler),and whether baffles would help on either the inner or outer chamber ( most likely the outer ). Good luck, any not so costly improvements on this design would be major.