Posted: Apr 12, 2010 3:25 pm
by rainbow
Rumraket wrote:
rainbow wrote:
hackenslash wrote:Well, do you want the true answer, which is that abiogenesis definitely did occur, or are you still fucking equivocating and insisting that the word abiogenesis only refers to the theory? In which case the answer is, no.

There is no equivocation.
I've no evidence that Abiogenesis occurred according to any one of the hypotheses presented in the 78 Papers.
Hard fact. what is the true answer, hack.
Do you have any evidence?

Those 78 papers themselves constitute evidence. They don't present the whole picture, but they are evidence nonetheless. To say that you have no evidence is simply bullshit.

They present no evidence that Abiogenesis did occurr. They present evidence that it could've occurred.
There is a very big difference.