Posted: Apr 14, 2010 3:39 pm
by rainbow
Rumraket wrote:
rainbow wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:

Qualified scientists and a major peer reviewed scientific journal disagree with you.

Now I wonder who to believe?

Oh Dear, falling back onto your Appeal to Authority fallacy?

Now here's a fascinating bit:
General procedure for the preparative synthesis of cytidine nucleosides by hydrolysis
of anhydronucleosides as exemplified by the synthesis of α-D-ribocytidine 36

D-Ribofuranosyl-2,2'-anhydrocytidine hydrochloride 35 (500 mg, 1.91 mmol) was
dissolved in H2O (10 mL), and Dowex® 100 × 8 HO–-form anion-exchange resin (2
g) was added. The resultant suspension was stirred for 4 h whilst monitoring UV
absorbance. On completion of reaction, the suspension was filtered, and the filtrate
lyophilised to give α-D-ribocytidine 36 (460 mg, 98%) as a white powder.

More Dowex, this time an anionic type. Where would anionic resins come from on the PreBiotic Earth?
Don't try the Zeolite excuse here, as they are cationic.

Why don't you email the author with your questions? No seriously, why don't you?
Correspondence to: John D. Sutherland1 Correspondence and requests for materials should be addressed to J.D.S. (Email:

Maybe I will.
In the meantime, perhaps I've shown that "prebiotically plausible" isn't quite what you had imagined?