Posted: Oct 19, 2012 2:32 pm
by mraltair
mattwilson wrote:
mraltair wrote:Air + tears = combustible fluid on your face.

mattwilson wrote:
mraltair wrote:Sort of cleans the atmosphere of carbon, until you burn the fuel of course. Probably the best bit of this is that you can continue to use combustion engines in everything rather than changing the design of all our engines when we run out of oil from the ground.

I don't actually consider that a positive... With one modification I'd be over the fucking moon, and that would be to incorporate carbon capture devices into the engines like are being retrofitted some coal fired power stations, over time, the very engines that polluted our atmosphere could play a part in cleaning it again.

ETA... Of course I'm just ignoring for convenience the high level CO2 we couldn't hope to reach with a car engine.

But if we run out of crude oil and get our petrol from the device in the article and added a capture device to all engines we would have a COC in on our hands. A Clean Oil Crisis, we would run out of carbon in the atmosphere and then run out of petrol. Again.

No because the carbon capture devices would become the source for the carbon used in the production of the fuel.

Aah I see.

Or we could set up something like this.

Carbon capture trees to collect it at the roadside ready to send to turn into fuel.

Of course when technology gets better we can move onto bill's idea of a closed engine. :lol: