Posted: Oct 18, 2014 8:33 am
by minininja
Weaver wrote:
minininja wrote:
Onyx8 wrote:It would be at least 36,000 km long. So if it were to fall it would just about wrap right around to its start point. (40Kkm)

Assuming it broke at some point in the atmosphere though - would not the majority of it fall outwards into orbit? :ask:

Everything below geosynch will hit the planet. Only the stuff above geosynch will depart, some into orbit, most into an escape trajectory.

But that's assuming it all breaks up into separate pieces which seems unlikely. The whole point is surely that the counterweight can pull the majority of the cable up. The bit that would fall would be anything below the break and (I'm assuming though perhaps incorrectly) that's most likely to be within the atmosphere i.e. not very far up.