Posted: Oct 24, 2010 10:26 am
by BlackBart
SpeedOfSound wrote:
BlackBart wrote:Obesity is caused by eating too much fat and sugar and not doing enough exercise. You take in more calories than you burn, you become obese. End of. Nothing to do with evil chemicals in your coke or crisps.

Pretty much what I thought but there seems to be a whole cult growing up around this sort of thing. My first clue was when my friend seemed to thing there were two kinds of fructose. Man-made and natural. The only remotely logical argument he could come up with, after I informed him what utter bullshit that idea was, is that the manufacturing injected certain byproducts not found in nature.

Now this is what I would like know. What and how much. I think they use HCl, but so does my stomach. There is mention of heavy metals I think in some of the slam articles. Anyone?

He'll need to define 'not found in nature'. Treefrog venom is found in nature, is he going to feed it to his 7 year old? I don't think so!

If his child eats a balanced diet with sensible portions (With fatty crisps and sugary coke and lurid looking candy coloured with petrochemical by-products as an occasional treat) and gets regular exercise then he can reasonably expect to have a level of health and life expectancy that is the highest humankind has ever known.