Posted: Oct 24, 2010 1:06 pm
by SpeedOfSound
Nam Dernor wrote:From what I've read, a large factor is not the substance itself, but the economics of it. It's an industrial product easy to create, transport, store, and use in food production, tasty, and produced in huge quantities (like other industrial food products) from corn, which is itself a well understood, highly industrialized crop. Food manufacturers are set up to use it at low cost, and it's profitable for them to convince you to eat food made from what they are equipped to make cheaply. Food products made this way are naturally advertised intensively to boost sales, and people are not bright about buying and eating this stuff, which provides plenty of calories but little of what else belongs in food.

What belongs in food? It almost sounds like you are making efficiency and economy and advertising into it's own evil. If soda was made in other ways a can of coke would cost about ten bucks.

One ingredient that I really like in my pop is water. It's efficient and tasty and available in huge quantities. But it has none of the ingredients that should be in food. Well. Maybe one.

See what I'm getting at there? There are a great many companies in the US that are struggling to produce organic foods. They are struggling because few want to pay for their products. I look at that little shelf at Cub Foods and I want to fucking throw up on the price tags. Love the food. Hate the prices.