Posted: May 19, 2016 5:45 am
by DougC

B.B.C. Article
Unchecked climate change could put Antarctica's huge Totten Glacier into an unstable configuration over the coming centuries, a study has warned.
If that happens, the ice loss could push up global oceans by 2m, or more.
The claim is based on an assessment of the rocks underlying the ice stream.
Scientists tell the journal Nature that should the front of the glacier retreat about 150km from its current position, it will then enter a runaway reversal that takes it 200-250km further inland.
Most of the big glaciers in the east of the White Continent appear relatively quiescent; Totten is something of an exception.
It is experiencing a thinning rate of about half a metre per year, according to the latest satellite measurements.
Previous research indicates this is probably being driven by warm ocean water getting under and melting the floating front of the glacier.


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