Posted: Mar 16, 2017 10:50 am
by SpeedOfSound
crank wrote:
Matt_B wrote:It has to be said that this is a welcome development as climate science denial is rapidly becoming one of Australia's major industries. Queensland politics in particular is riddled with it.

Anyway, for those without the time, my basic course in combating client science denial is as follows:

1. Pull their head out of the sand.
2. Agree with everything they say.
3. When they finally contradict themselves, point it out.
4. Rinse, repeat until done.

Oh, and don't tell anyone you've actually done any scientific research or published papers. That'll just mark you out as being a nutjob to them. ;)

There is a much shorter version, extremely effective at ridding anyone of climate denial:
1. Pull their head off.

Done. No worries about backsliding. Plastic sheeting is a big help.

I really do not understand this attitude. We have an education problem here. Two pronged. How to reason and then the climate. Telling my Trumper friends that they are idiots doesn't seem to work. They just vote more vigorously.