Posted: Nov 06, 2018 8:06 am
by Adco


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The white inclusions on the upper left are the main items of discussion. They are in an old exposed area. The rock has a blue tinge to it because it hasn't had enough time to weather.

The dark brown marking through the center is the old ground level. I excavated the rocks and soil away to turn the area into a fireplace.

The lower right section of the pic shows pit holes where the white inclusions used to be but are now missing. This thread is about these missing white pieces. I made an assumption that because they were below the water line, the retained water was dissolving the white inclusions over a long period. My mistake was calling the white pieces quartz.

In the first pic I posted, which shows the entire fireplace area, down at the new ground level, these white inclusions are still there. It seemed as if the water only penetrated about 1m before finding a new path, perhaps through a crack in the rocks.

I know this all seems trivial and consuming but it is fascinating to see the geology of the area that was only visible after it got exposed. I had to remove at least 20 tons of rock from that area! A huge mission but we get many hours of enjoyment from it and it was worth the effort.