Posted: Jan 14, 2020 9:43 pm
by OlivierK
Here's a lovely gusher in Vox you might like:
Every year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration releases an Arctic Report Card, detailing the state of the frozen world at the top of the globe.

And each year, its findings grow more dire. This year, the report revealed that the Arctic itself may now be contributing to climate change.

That’s because Arctic soil contains a lot of carbon, which would stay there if the planet wasn’t warming. As the frozen ground across the Arctic starts to thaw, it releases that carbon, which turns into a greenhouse gas. Some of that carbon gets taken up by plants growing in the summertime, but more and more of it is now escaping into the atmosphere.

“Thawing permafrost throughout the Arctic could be releasing an estimated 300-600 million tons of net carbon per year to the atmosphere,” the NOAA writes in the report. That’s roughly the equivalent of Japan’s annual emissions.

And those emissions are going to increase. “We think that should be two to three times bigger by the end of the century based on the kind of forecasting we’ve done,” Ted Schuur, an ecologist and the author of the report’s section on permafrost, said. ... -card-noaa

So tundra thaw emissions are at levels similar to Japan's (4% of total), and might double to triple by 2100. So those emissions can be offset by a 10% reduction in fossil fuel use over the next 80 years. I think we're capable of that, and I don't think that adding an extra 4% of current emissions over the next 80 years is quite the bombshell that you, or the clickbaiters at Vox, make it out to be.

But convince me. With numbers, not emotive bullshit. Whatever you claim, quantify it, and cite your sources. I'm all ears if you've got something with actual meat.