Posted: Feb 26, 2020 6:52 pm
by aufbahrung
Spearthrower wrote:
aufbahrung wrote:Global flood did happen after snowball Earth ...

So you don't have a source for this, it was just an off the cuff assertion on your part that just so happens to quite obviously be complete nonsense to the exact same scientifically illiterate degree of typical Creationist claims?

Global flood happening after a snowball Earth would still require there to be sufficient water on the planet in the first place to cover the planet regardless of it being frozen or not. Ice doesn't generate water - it IS water.

Bayesian operator. Controversial, slightly rhetorical, and because my imagination is visual based on a fleeting glimpse of what happened that sprang ready made into my inner 8k tv....actually intuition and imagination does move science forwards, albeit not always. I'm first to say my thinking ain't off the shelf dog standard.