Posted: Aug 20, 2021 1:59 am
by Macdoc
from another forum

July 2021 was the warmest July on record.
Eight of the largest fires have occurred in the last four years.

James Hansen reports that
Abstract. Global surface temperature in 2020 was in a virtual dead-heat with 2016 for warmest
year in the period of instrumental data in the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) analysis.
The rate of global warming has accelerated in the past several years. The 2020 global temperature
was +1.3°C (~2.3°F) warmer than in the 1880-1920 base period; global temperature in that base period is a reasonable estimate of ‘pre-industrial’ temperature. The six warmest years in the GISS record all occur in the past six years, and the 10 warmest years are all in the 21st century. Growth rates of the greenhouse gases driving global warming are increasing, not declining.

The fires in Siberia are larger than all the other fires around the world combined. Some will remember the 2000 methane pingos found in Siberia years ago

Leaking pingos 'can explode under the sea in the Arctic, as well as on land'

This is unfolding far faster than projected...1.3C in 2021 ...2030 is optimistic for 1.5 C.