Posted: Dec 08, 2022 3:52 am
by OlivierK
THWOTH wrote:
So why are we not talking about rapidly shifting our societies and economies to 100% renewable energy, why are we not hearing compelling arguments for investing in recycling/reclaiming even more energy from what we throw away, considering the practicalities of undertaking massive reforestation projects, or outlining the significant changes in land and water use or agricultural practices we can adopt, for example? I lay this one squarely at the feet of governments.

Well yes, governments have been shy of this, because they are cowards/bought.

But it's not like 100% renewables isn't talked about. Here in Australia, the idea that we have enough renewable energy potential to power our country many times over is just taken as a given, even as it's hard to shift our often shiftless governments.

Maybe it's because I live amongst old-school hippies that 100% revewables doesn't seem like something overlooked. Around here, getting completely off the grid has been a driving ethos for half a century. Even the local dudes making solar trackers 30+ years ago (back before the drop in PV panel prices rendered them unviable) boasted that they ran their welders completely off the grid.