Posted: Oct 13, 2010 1:31 am
by ginckgo
DanDare wrote:
Tyrannical wrote:
Solar surprises raise questions for climate models

Scientists found that a decline in the Sun's activity did not lead as expected to a cooling of the Earth, a surprise finding that could have repercussions for computer models on climate change.

Every Solar Surprise is just more evidence that global warming alarmist theory is based on bad science.

Quote mine. From the same article:
Insisting on caution, Haigh said that if the Sun turned out to have a warming effect during the "waning" part of the cycle, it might also turn out to have a cooling effect during the "waxing" part of the cycle.

In that case, greenhouse gases would be more to blame than thought for the perceptible rise in global temperatures over the past century.

"We cannot jump to any conclusions based on what we have found during this comparatively short period," Haigh said. "We need to carry out further studies to explore the Sun's activity, and the patterns that we have uncovered, on longer timescales."

Indeed. Skeptical Science has a nice summary

If this is an ongoing phenomenon, then the 'skeptics' will have to trash their explanation of the last 100-odd years of warming purely due to the sun reaching it's modern maximum.