Posted: May 26, 2019 3:30 am
by Cito di Pense
BWE wrote:
I think it really boils down to the question of what it means that the universe is consistent. I also think the math question is at its root a question regarding the law of noncontradiction. But, as with most things, what I think is pretty random so ymmv.

What? So we attempt to treat the consistency of the universe as having some sort of semantics? You know, as if Someone was trying to communicate with Us? Frankly, I'm not deep into the whole "blind men touching the elephant" semantics. Take a hit off the three spliffs of ultimate reality and, daddy, let your mind roll on.

To be serious for a moment, let's look at the law of non-contradiction. Of course, if we just wanted to light up the doobie and make up whatever fucking shit we wanted to, even if it entails contradictions, we'd be doing something besides mathematics

Proof by contradiction is actually a thing, as I'm sure you recall. For pure waffle, cue up the whole thing about "mathematics and science are branches of philosophy" or investigate the impossibility of the overarching system that is internally consistent. You know me: I blame God. That's what happens when we try to "boil it down". Maybe "boiling it down" is a fine antidote for not being able to remember enough details. Pending the bending of the spoons.