Posted: Oct 06, 2011 8:53 pm
by Teuton
twistor59 wrote:
I don't really speak philosopher language, but maybe the missing ingredient is the state. The field operator φ(x) at the point x can, if you're a philosopher, be thought as a determinable. The specific values of the determinable could be the allowed values <s|φ(x)|s> for each state s, or possibly the set of all expectation values you could construct from the field operator.

In my understanding, the presence of a determinable physical property (quantity) at a spacetime point or region necessitates the presence of a determinate physical property (quantity) belonging to the determinable one in question. Or does there occur a random oscillation between various determinate properties had by a spacetime point or region such that there is a constant and quick change of determinate properties belonging to some determinable quantity?