Posted: Oct 07, 2011 7:18 am
by newolder
Dudely wrote:...But it is crazy, and it is unproven.

Then we disagree on what is crazy and unproven. :thumbup:

newolder wrote:
and Einstein's (not even a mistake) cosmological constant accounts 4 accelerated expansion. :scratch:

Almost correct, but not quite.

Einstein postulated the "cosmological constant" as a way to keep the universe static. Basically Einstein disbelieved in quantum mechanics (the discovery of quantum mechanics ironically came as a direct result of Einstein's theories) and tried for most of his life to come up with a way to pretend that "god does not play dice" which is layman for "Quantum mechanics? LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU". He thought discovering the universe's laws was a way of seeing the mind of god and didn't like the idea that, on a fundamental level, no one can know an exact result ahead of time or know the exact speed and location of any particle. Einstein's constant was simply a way to keep the universe static while still allow his general relativity equations to work. It was a needless mutilation of his theory and he came to regret it a great deal. So yes, it was a mistake.

Not even close to correct. Quantum theory had 0 to do with the cosmological constant and, if Einstein had been more watchful/adventurous, he would have been able, using the cc, to predict the accelerated expansion we now observe.
The "Constant" we've come up with now is very similar- it's sort of this layer of energy we can't normally interact with that works throughout the universe to push everything apart. That's what we call dark energy.

So it's simply a humorous coincidence that there happens to be a very similar "constant" that does the same kind of thing as Einstein (but in the other direction, so to speak).

That's just bs. :lol:

And, just like dark matter, dark energy is completely hypothetical with no direct evidence for its existence.

Yeah, riiiight, and the Nobel Committee haz been conned. :lol:
Again, it's the best theory and I personally think it will be validated long before I die of old age. But let's not count our chickens before they hatch.