Posted: Oct 09, 2011 10:56 am
by mizvekov
hackenslash wrote:Nothing, except those objections already detailed. The problem I have is lending credence to the source. That particular source spends a lot of bandwidth on wibble.

Well, I haven't seen that, the articles there seem very fair and balanced, they do present multiple points of view. I can't see wibble, unless one would consider all of philosophy wibble, which in my opinion is a very prejudiced view.
And whenever they are talking about physics, it is usually an alright treatment of the subject, at least to an introductory level.
If you seen something wrong, maybe you should write about it to the stanford department of philosophy.

hackenslash wrote:The operators are as 'real' as the entities whose behaviour they're describing. In other words, if particles are 'real', then so are those quantities, because they are describing properties of those entities.

Well, that is a weird position, I think you are the only one in this thread holding to it.
By that account, do you also believe the number '5' is real because it describes the number of fingers I have in my left hand?