Posted: Nov 08, 2011 7:12 pm
by twistor59
So I finally got my copy of Gambini and Pullin's book "A First Course in Loop Quantum Gravity".

It's quite an expensive book (only available in hardback at the moment). It's quite a small book. But it's a very very good book if you want to learn LQG and haven't done anything like it before.

I'd say it's suitable for a 3rd year undergrad physics (or maths if you've done some physics courses) student. It has chapters giving whirlwind introductions to general relativity and quantum field theory in case you happen not to have done them. I would say that you really need to have done at least some quantum mechanics, and be familiar with the Lagrangian/Hamiltonian approach to mechanics, and at least a small exposure to GR/tensors would be highly desirable.

It doesn't go into any of the topics in great depth, that was not the author's intention - they do a good job of keeping it brief enough to keep you interested. Probably the final third or so of the book deals with the loop theory itself, but even if you don't rate LQG, the first part of the book is a highly enjoyable read. I think it's exceptionally well written.

If it's a bit on the expensive side, try to borrow it from a library and see what you think.

Well done Gambini and Pullin :thumbup: