Posted: Feb 23, 2012 9:57 am
by DavidMcC
Two more points that I forgot to include in my earlier posts (although I did mention them somewhere on, some time ago):

1. On "infaltion", LQG offers a more likely explanation of the massively supraluminal expansion of the universe during its first instants of existence. That is that the massive, collapsed body that formed it from within the "mother" universe was of a finite size when its local density began to reach the critical value for loop generation in the densest part. Depending on the distribution of its density in hyperspace, the loop generation front would travel at arbitrarily high speed, as with any phase velocity.

2. It was shown experimentally a couple of years ago, that light does not get polarized as it travels across deep space (ie, crossing a substantial fraction of the observable universe). At the time, this was interpreted to mean that loops do not exist, because the assumed form of these loops was like some kind of hula hoops. However, I think what it means is what I have posted above - that space is not made up of 2-loops in a 3D hyperspace, but maybe of 3-loops in a 4D hyperspace.