Posted: Oct 26, 2012 2:02 am
by lpetrich
RÉSONAANCES: Higgs: New Deal
The new round of Higgs data will be presented on the 15th of November at a conference in Kyoto, and on blogs a few days earlier. The amount of data will increase by about 2/3 compared to what was available last summer. This means the errors should naively drop by 30%, or a bit more in the likely case of some improvements in the analyses. Here's a short guide to the hottest Higgs questions that may be answered.

Higgs -> photon-photon -- too high for the Standard Model

Higgs -> tau-tau -- too low for the SM

Higgs -> bottom-bottom -- too high for the SM

Higgs -> Z-photon -- not observed; SM says it's not common enough to be observed, at least not yet

Higgs spin? SM and SM extensions say it's zero. Evidence of nonzero spin: the particle-beam directions making an imprint on the directions of the Higgs particles' decay products. Zero spin: isotropic or zero-imprint decay.

Spin 1 is theoretically awkward for decaying into 2 photons. Spin 2 is the first plausible nonzero value.

So I'll keep an eye out for anything interesting that comes out.