Posted: Dec 02, 2012 1:44 am
by lpetrich

Search for Black Holes in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV - CERN Document Server
A search for microscopic black holes in pp collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 8 TeV is presented. The data sample corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 3.7 fb^(−1) recorded by the CMS experiment at the LHC in 2012. Events with large total transverse energy have been analyzed for the presence of multiple energetic jets, leptons, and photons, which are typical signals of evaporating semiclassical and quantum black holes, and string balls. Agreement with the expected standard model backgrounds, which are dominated by QCD multijet production, has been observed for various combined multiplicities of jets and other reconstructed objects in the final state. Model-independent limits are set on new physics processes producing high-multiplicity, energetic final states. In addition, new model-specific indicative limits are set excluding semiclassical black holes with masses below 4.1 to 6.1 TeV. The analysis has a substantially increased sensitivity compared to previous searches due to higher collision energy.

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