Posted: Apr 27, 2010 4:24 am
Note: This post will probably be full of dimwitted assertions, so please be so kind to point me to the fallacies as I cannot seem to spot them myself with my layman understanding of this realm ;)

As I understand it we have gravity which is explained by the general theory of relativity and we have electromagnetism, the weak and strong nuclear force which are explained by quantum mechanics. Now String theory comes along and tries to unify those 4 forces into one theory of everything.

Theoretical physicists claim that string theory makes astoningnishly accurate predictions but which cannot be tested in the laboratory, therefor do not follow the scientific method and are thus unfalsifiable(?).

If these predictions are that accurate, how come we cannot observe and verify/falsify these predictions?

As I understand it the last revised model of String theory barely has (or does it?) any anomalies left, ain't that evidence we're onto something serious here?

Is it a possibility that there does not have to be a unified field theory? Maybe the reductionistic search for such is a futile one?

And last but not least, why isn't the mathematical logic of String theory convincing evidence for its validity?

I keep reading and hearing that String theory should be treated as part of philosophy, yet it seems to be the only "scientific" approach to account for the various forces and their source?

Please enlighten me :dopey: