Posted: Mar 17, 2014 7:46 pm
by hackenslash
surreptitious57 wrote:Does it prove multiverse theory for example ?

No, although being a prediction of inflationary theory, it provides circumstantial support for eternal inflation. it's a tick in the box, as it were.

And can it see beyond the Big Bang or is it just up to the Planck time ?

Just up to Planck. Essentially, it's confirmation that the cosmos underwent a rapid exponential inflation between 10-35 and 10-25 seconds, which represents inflation from something close to singularity in size (if not singularity itself) to something about the size of a marble, after which expansion proceeded as normal until the recent acceleration.

Can it help to solve any other mysteries such as dark energy / dark matter and quantum gravity ? That sort of thing

Well, as Pulsar indicated, it's also a tick in the box for the inflaton field, which is a candidate for Dark Energy. It's not a confirmation of it, but it's a tick in the box. The inflaton field is essentially a candidate not only for Dark Energy but for the initial inflationary period. It will take a good deal more than this to support the inflaton field completely.

I know you have Fabric of the Cosmos on your reading list. Most of this is very well covered in that.