Posted: Mar 17, 2014 8:29 pm
by surreptitious57
hackenslash wrote:
I know you have Fabric of the Cosmos on your reading list. Most of this is very well covered in that

I just got Quantum : A Guide For The Perplexed by Jim Al Khalili and though it was right next to A Brief History Of
I still chose it. I have not read it yet but it looks quite use friendly with plenty of diagrams and short articles
by other physicists explaining certain phenomena. And some I have never heard of too like quantum tunnelling and
qubits so new stuff to learn and old stuff to revise. Have just finished The Selfish Gene too. And very well written as
usual and so easy to understand. I particularly liked the reference to genes as replicators automatically cloning them
selves to produce a more complex form. It sounds very clinical yet seems perfect for describing biological organisms