Posted: Mar 18, 2014 12:45 am
by surreptitious57
How can the existence of branes be falsified if they are impervious to light ? And what exactly is a brane anyway ? I
understand it to be multiple dimensional space separate to but part of a larger brane world [ in the same way that a
card in a deck is separate to but part of the deck ] What would be required to cause a brane to come into existence ?
Do branes exist inside universes or universes inside branes ? [ I am assuming the latter ]

If the Multiverse hypothesis is falsified by inflation then does that mean the Big Bang can no longer even be hypothesised
as the exact point at which the Universe began ? [ Universe is synonymous with Multiverse here so I mean in all space not just local space ] Would the laws of physics be different in each one or would they be the same ? If inflation means the Multiverse is in a constant state of expansion does this not invalidate the Second Law Of Thermodynamics ? Would every Universe in the Multiverse be expanding beyond c and would that speed be identical in all of them or different in each one ?