Posted: Jan 02, 2015 5:00 pm
by DavidMcC
Thommo wrote:
DavidMcC wrote:It must be, in spite of various authors and media claiming that the lunar bulge is one-sided.

What authors? The only person who I've seen claim this was you, in the case of a planet that was not rotating. You were of course wrong.

DavidMcC wrote:It would only be one-sided if the earth was not spinning on its axis, and did not have angular momentum to conserve.

This is incorrect, as explained very well in numerous places, in particular in the links kindly supplied by Pulsar and Veida.

DavidMcC wrote:As it is, the lunar pull tips up the plane of the bulge.
The earth's oceans are like a large gyroscope, tipping when interfered with.

Completely irrelevant. You can consider the compound effect from the centrifugal force (as experienced in a rotating frame) and the tidal force, this does not mean that the forces themselves are interdependent, ...

You may be misunderstanding - the EFFECTS of different forces are inter-dependent, even though their oriogins are unrelated. That is to say that the moon tips up the plane of the equatorial bulge, which relates them, in my books. If there was no moon, the daily tides would be very weak, in spite of the rotational bulge, because we would stay at the same position w'/r to the bulge until the season changed.