Posted: Jan 02, 2015 5:10 pm
by DavidMcC
Veida wrote:
DavidMcC wrote:
"The sun isn't uniform"?? :lol:

You didn't get it, as Thommo pointed out above.

DavidMcC wrote:An important thing I missed out in this recent "debate" is that there is an equatorial bulge in the oceans, caused by the earth's rotation about its own axis,

Yes, that is true, but it doesn't change over time. So that is not relevant.

Nonsense. It is regukarly tilted up and down by the moon's pull. It seems like yoju have to study gyroscopes more.
DavidMcC wrote:and that this bulge is tilted up by the moon's gravitional pull. That tilt is the reason why any one point on the earth's surface passes through two maxima and minima every 24 hours. I explained this a long time ago, in an old thread, but you might have missed it.

This is simply not correct. The rotation causes the shape of the Earth to be a spheroid rather than a sphere, but that has nothing to do with the tides.

I was talking about the earth's oceans. They spin with the earth, but the plane of their spin can be tipped by the moon. It's a gyroscopic effect.