Posted: Apr 09, 2017 3:33 pm
by Corkey
mindhack wrote:A territory is mapped for a certain purpose. That's about it.

A map is a specified, simplified, version of a given terrain. A model, to map out a specific purpose for its users , in a given terrain.

In psychology, you are the map, not the territory. However, you is still you, the physical you.

Software is not hardware, software is not hardware, software is not hardware. The message is carried by the medium but is not the medium. The medium is not your thought.

Message and medium is a map and territory. Write a message in sand. Is your message sand? Is your body the message? Is the motion of your body while writing the message the message? No, no and no, only a medium for conveyance. The message is interpreted through the ridges and valleys you made in the sand. It's in the sand, but it's not the sand. Our thoughts are not tangible except through the medium used to express them. Think about that for a minute. “… not tangible except through the medium used to express them.” We don't normally think about our body as being the medium, but it is. We project our thoughts with our hands, a look, a shrug or when we speak, all the time.

Paper and ink are not your thoughts. Words themselves are a mean. Your thoughts manifest through the squiggly lines.