Posted: May 04, 2017 12:42 pm
by lucek
zulumoose wrote:
the entire mass of Jupiter and an equal mass of the sun undergoes fusion

Why would it be an equal mass? What would be the mass of a Jupiter sized hole punched through the sun? Wouldn't the hole be slightly bigger than that due to gravity attracting particles in (though granted not much bigger due to the speed of the event)? How does that compare to Jupiter's mass?

I used that as the starting place. Assuming hydrogen hydrogen fusion of the 2 bodies colliding would produce more energy the carried in the relativistic (not C just a highish percent of C) Jupiter from my back of the envelope calculations. Further as the energy of the fusion reaction propagates at C there would be a point before the collision is done that the sun would explode due to increased radiation pressure.

Someone asked where this came from,

Reading a series that has an alien race constructing a Dyson sphere in our galactic neighborhood and is looking at sol for resources. so far in the series they've introduced reactionless drive (the one major gimmy in the series but hey space opera), relativistic kill vehicles and planet movers.